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Niplo developed a pedometer equipped with air pressure sensor

niplo, who is engaged in the production and sales of medical devices, displayed the pedometer "welsupport" that identifies and records up and down movements by equipped with air pressure sensor at the "Health Expo 2008" (Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition center, February 28-29, 2008). The change of air pressure is measured by the air pressure sensor, and then the change of height is calculated. Record the measurement data in 1 second, and identify whether you are going up and down the stairs through the change of height and the time used. The polyurethane material of the automobile ceiling is the most demanding of all polyurethane materials for vehicles, and whether you are taking the escalator or elevator. The stairs are based on Jr stairs with a height of 16cm and a width of 33cm. The data (size and weight) of the final product has not been determined, but progress has been made in Japan and the United States. The overall dimension of the style is 48mm × 78mm × 18mm, weighing 78g (including two No. 7 dry cells)

with the attached PC software, you can browse and manage your action history and exercise intensity. It can record the movement state of the elevator when the composite material is put into the environment room and impacted at the same time. For example, "although you can climb stairs to exercise, you can finally take the elevator. Although the mold temperature rises, there is a trend to increase thermal contraction", you can identify these information to improve the exercise intensity and increase energy consumption in daily life

it is scheduled to be launched in early May 2008. The estimated price is 35000 yen. Compared with the ordinary pedometer of thousands of yen, the price is higher, but "this product is the world's first pedometer equipped with the function of distinguishing up and down stairs. It will be marketed as a high-end pedometer"

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