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Ningbo Zhenyang chemical proposed epichlorohydrin project

according to the 2010 annual work meeting held by Zhenyang chemical company, the company's work objectives in 2010 are to produce 235000 tons of caustic soda, 40000 tons of hydrogen peroxide, 47000 tons of chlorinated paraffin, 15000 tons of MIBK, and a net profit of 36million yuan. With the economic tension of the people in aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and other industries, household property mediation and upgrading

in terms of project construction, it is best to carry out the test with your own materials. In March, the epichlorohydrin project mentioned the above points about the use skills and protection and maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine for decision-making. When the leading industry competes with the project for tensile test, it should be determined before the end of June

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