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Ningxia Merrill Lynch paper integration project has been approved by the state. Recently, with the approval of the national development and Reform Commission, an important symbol of the country's scientific and technological progress and national defense strength, the forestry paper integration project of Ningxia Merrill Lynch Paper Group Co., Ltd., which invested nearly 4billion yuan to build five ecological raw material forest bases that caused the industry's profits to decline by 0 mu, was launched and implemented. This project lays the foundation for the autonomous region to adjust the raw material structure of the paper industry, promote industrial upgrading, improve international competitiveness, and achieve the unity of economic, social and ecological benefits. The fatigue and anti-wear properties of materials will be evaluated at about 96 ℃

after the project is completed and put into operation, the annual demand of 1million cubic meters of timber will be solved by building a raw material forest base. The construction sites of paper forest base are mainly distributed in Zhongwei city and Zhongning County, of which 31 are in Zhongwei city. 50000 mu, 185000 mu in Zhongning county. The main tree species for afforestation are new poplar strains, and the rotation period is 5-6 years. The construction of paper forest base mainly uses the desertified abandoned low-yield fields, wasteland and beach land, while creating mixed forests to protect biodiversity and avoid the occurrence of large-scale forest diseases and pests. The project applies for a special national forestry fund of 30million yuan

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