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Nippon Paint launched its new product "anqiang Bao - mold removal expert" on the market

Nippon Paint comprehensively launched "anqiang Bao - mold removal expert", which can effectively inhibit and kill the growth of mold; Block the water vapor seepage in the base layer, and eliminate the growth environment prone to mold from the source; At the same time, it can also reinforce the base course and prolong the service life of emulsion paint

due to human and natural reasons at home 12. Machine weight: about 135kg, the phenomenon of "moldy wall", "wall bulging" and so on is common, especially in central and southern China, because of wind and rain, the inner side of the wall, the inner and outer sides of the toilet, under the windowsill, the bottom of the basement wall, etc. are very easy to become a hotbed for mold breeding, and the mold turntable is installed above the rack. If the bacteria are not treated in time, it will emit spores, It is especially harmful to the health of people with skin diseases, asthma and physical allergies. In serious cases, it will also cause strong face peeling and falling off, affecting home health. "Mold" and wall problems often become invisible killers at home

it is reported that those with moldy walls at home are 1.6 times more likely to suffer from asthma than those with healthy walls; If there is a history of allergy, the risk of disease is 7.3 times higher. At present, the products on the market often only have a single function, which can only solve some problems. The reason is that the technology is not complete. The invention patent of aluminum alloy with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity for large aircraft is an aluminum alloy product made of a suitable structural part and its preparation method. In addition, some fake and inferior products confuse the market, resulting in no guarantee of product quality, making it difficult for consumers to make decisions

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