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The reporter of Ningxia planning and construction of Intercity Railway clearly felt the heat of aluminum used in the field of automobile lightweight to build a 1-hour economic circle

Ningxia planning and construction of intercity railway to build a 1-hour economic circle

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recently learned from the development and Reform Commission of Ningxia autonomous region that in order to build a fast track connecting the nodes of cities in the region with the capital Yinchuan as the center, According to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region intercity rail transit development plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan), Ningxia will plan to build nine intercity railway lines, promote the "urbanization" process of Yinchuan, Shizuishan, Wuzhong, Guyuan and Zhongwei, and finally form an hour intercity circle and economic circle in 2040

according to the plan, 708 kilometers of railway lines will be built in Ningxia. By 2020, the Yinchuan Nanjing intercity and airport lines in the intercity rail transit of Yinchuan Wuzhong core area will be completed, and the Baotou Lanzhou railway will be used to open more intercity buses; The scale of intercity rail lines reached 306 kilometers, including 83 kilometers of new intercity rail transit, and 223 kilometers of existing railways were used to enhance fuel efficiency. By 2030, the Yinchuan Shizuishan intercity rail transit in the Yinchuan Wuzhong core area will be completed, and the Yinchuan Zhongwei intercity passenger train will be operated by using the Taiyuan Zhongyin railway and Yinxi railway; The scale of intercity rail transit lines has reached 744 kilometers, including 170 kilometers of new intercity rail transit. Vision: in 2040, Hongsibao Guyuan and Yinchuan Zhongwei intercity rail transit will be built to form an independent rail transit system in an all-round way; The scale of intercity rail transit line reaches 1184 kilometers, of which the material elongation exceeds 1000%, and the new intercity rail transit line with a travel of 1000 or 1200mm can be built for 455 kilometers

according to Ningxia railway construction management office, the plan is currently being publicized for the first time for environmental impact assessment. The purpose is to collect and consult the public's opinions, requirements and suggestions on the construction plan in the assessment area where the plan is located, and feed back the public's valuable opinions and suggestions to the construction unit, design unit and relevant departments, so as to provide basis for the optimization and decision-making of the plan, Finally, it will be reported to the relevant national departments for approval and implementation

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