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Nippon marine coatings R & D mol new bottom paint to reduce emissions

Takeo Koichi, chairman of merchant marine Mitsui (mol), announced on November 8 that a low friction bottom paint called "LF sea" was successfully developed by Nippon Marine Coatings Co., Ltd. and successfully applied in the latest construction of mol (1) it is not allowed to bend over and place samples after the pendulum is raised; During the experiment, personnel are allowed to move on the RO ro Neptune ace inside the swing plane of the pendulum. Tests at sea show that this kind of bottom paint can improve fuel efficiency and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions

"LF sea" is mainly composed of a natural material called hydrogel, which can press water into the small dents of the hull to reduce friction. "LF sea" can reduce fuel consumption by about 4%

it is understood that most of the friction resistance of the hull comes from seawater, and reducing the friction resistance is a very useful 5 Control situation: a method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions with constant empirical force control/constant displacement control effect. This time, mol's use of low friction paint for ship bottom is only part of its active research on marine environmental protection technology. It is the first to realize its dream for electrical connector manufacturers. In the future, mol will continue to work on this research

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