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Ningxia meilijing waste glass recycling project on June 5, workers of Ningxia meilijing Glass Co., Ltd. were deep processing glass in Lingwu renewable resources circular economy demonstration zone

compared with other thermal insulation materials, meilijing Glass Co., Ltd. is the largest glass deep processing base and manufacturer of various types of doors and windows in Lingwu City. At present, the total investment of the waste broken glass recycling and comprehensive utilization project under construction is 38.74 million yuan. The project recycles waste broken glass to produce and process foam glass (used for energy-saving and thermal insulation materials for exterior walls). After completion, independent manipulation can be carried out only after skilled control. The sales revenue is 17.56 million yuan, the profit and tax is 3.0913 million yuan, and 60 new jobs are created. The lower part of the fuselage is the base

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