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Technological innovation in the plastic packaging industry is developing green

in addition to the safety of food itself, people also pay more attention to the material safety of food packaging bags. Food safety is important, but the damage caused by pollution caused by other materials is also very large. In recent years, all kinds of food on the market are worried about plastic pollution, such as plasticizers. If the performance of food packaging bags is not stable, they will easily have chemical interactions with food and cause pollution. The development of the latest 3D bioprinting medical utilization of plastic packaging industry largely depends on how researchers overcome a large number of practical obstacles, and the industry maintains an average annual growth rate of 7%. From 2011 to 2015, the total output value is expected to exceed 600billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 16%. By product classification, China's output of paper packaging products will reach 36 million tons, plastic packaging products 9.46 million tons, metal packaging products 4.91 million tons, glass packaging products 15.5 million tons, and 1.2 million sets of packaging machinery by 2015. It can be seen that the packaging industry has great potential

with the emergence of new materials, the development ideas have changed, developing towards green and environmental protection, exploring more reusable materials, and constantly learning and innovating. Only in this way can we survive in the gap between talents. 2. Pair dynamometers stand out in many manufacturers that adjust the level of dynamometers before and after the front of the swing bar, so that they will not be eliminated in the fierce competition and steadily improve their market position

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