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Plastic packaging drives the growth and development of plastic bottle equipment

the continuous progress of society still cannot lack the application of plastic products in life. From large mechanical equipment and household appliances to small plastic bottles and cups. Ubiquitous plastic 2 The low quality of jaws has become a part of our life

as one of the plastic products with the largest output and sales volume, the demand and supply of plastic bottles have gradually increased with the continuous progress of society. Plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetics, cosmetics, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, health care products and other industries. 13. Strain control rate range: 0.005 ~ 5% FS/s. It is hard to imagine how the packaging industry can use other packaging instead of plastic bottles

at present, the domestic molding equipment for plastic bottles is relatively simple, which can not meet the requirements of high efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence required by plastic bottles. In the market, new and efficient plastic bottle equipment are quoted from quality units and used more abroad. The lagging productivity in China has affected the rapid development of the plastic bottle industry to a certain extent

plastic bottle equipment should strive to develop research according to the growing demand of plastic bottles, and take plastic bottles as an opportunity to expand the development of plastic bottle equipment

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