Australia has developed the world's thinnest lens

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Australia has developed the world's thinnest lens

the Australian National University announced recently that its scientists have created the world's thinnest lens, which is only 6.3 nanometers thick, one thousandth of the diameter of human hair

Dr. Lu yuerui, the main researcher of this subject and the school of engineering and computer science of Australian National University, said that this lens is only 6.3 nm thick, while the thinnest lens that has been manufactured before is 50 nm thick

Lu yuerui said that the lens is made of molybdenum disulfide crystal, which can maintain stability at high temperature, is a lubricant and good semiconductor, and can release photons

using the tape separation method, the research team stripped thinner and thinner crystal layers from molybdenum disulfide crystals layer by layer, and polished a hemispherical lens with only 9 atom thickness with ion beam

researchers found that the thickness of single-layer molybdenum disulfide is only 0.7 nm, and the monomer can have a variety of side chains and carbon chain lengths. Light will reciprocate in this crystal layer with high refractive index without being absorbed. This breakthrough invention will bring revolutionary applications to the fields of science and technology and medical health, such as being used to manufacture flexible displays, or being used to manufacture microlens arrays that simulate insect compound eyes to achieve fast three-dimensional imaging

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