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Plastic packaging can be made green through the following methods

[China Packaging News] the packaging industry has gradually become an important part of China's national economic development. But at present, there are many disharmonious phenomena in China's packaging industry. This disharmony is related to the utilitarianism of enterprises, the failure to update relevant national technical standards in time, and the low illegal cost of enterprises

green packaging is the general trend of the development of the world's packaging industry, and safety is the key remediation area in China at present and even in the next few years. Both of these have a direct impact on the development of plastic packaging materials

green plastic packaging materials should not only be hygienic and environmental friendly, but also have the functionality and high performance of packaging. This requires plastic packaging material enterprises to further improve and enhance in the following aspects:

first, innovate and develop new plastic materials and new processing technologies, so that more plastics with excellent performance can become packaging materials, and use the high performance of new materials to realize the reduction of packaging materials; The second is to promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new products of plastic additives and application technology. On the premise of ensuring that plastic packaging materials are non-toxic, hygienic and environmental friendly, low-cost technology is used to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials and provide the possibility of reduction; Third, improve and improve plastic recycling and processing technology, greatly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials, improve and eliminate the hidden danger of white pollution caused by plastic packaging materials, and improve the utilization rate of resources; Fourth, develop bio based plastics, effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle of bio plastics, and reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment while giving full play to the function of bio plastic packaging materials; Fifth, through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new plastic packaging materials and technologies, and avoid the problem that many plastic materials in line with green packaging cannot be applied in a large area due to high costs; Sixth, develop intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, make use of the edible and water-soluble characteristics of some plastic packaging materials, reduce the amount of packaging waste, and improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging

similarly, plastic packaging materials are also commonly used in food packaging. In order to avoid the migration and dissolution of toxic and harmful chemical pollutants left inside the materials, thus causing food safety accidents, plastic packaging material enterprises should also pay attention to safety

as an enterprise, biodegradable biomaterials have become a highlight in the packaging field in terms of raw material sources. Although it cannot completely replace petroleum based plastics, the application proportion is increasing year by year with the encouragement of national policies and the promotion of enterprises; As packaging materials, especially food packaging materials, safety is the most basic principle that should be observed. How to avoid food pollution caused by plasticizers and metal elements while ensuring product performance is a problem that enterprises must solve to ensure that belts will never deviate and develop; Thirdly, as a member of society, enterprises must undertake the corresponding social responsibilities, pay attention to the treatment of packaging waste and the recycling and reuse of resources, and realize the requirements of sustainable development

finally, China Packaging believes that enterprises should first strengthen self-discipline and produce corresponding packaging products using materials that meet the requirements of products and make the four shockproof sizing blocks good. Food is the thing that enters the population and the last barrier to ensure food safety. Of course, the packaging should not be sloppy. At the same time, enterprises should carry out scientific and technological innovation, technological transformation and upgrading, and truly move towards green The customizable properties of "Huan" Tu materials provide the necessary flexibility to meet a wide range of needs, and keep moving forward, not just hype the green packaging in the concept.

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