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Plastic packaging changed to paper packaging, Xikang brand salt sailed across the sea to the United States

Washington -- Americans ate Xikang brand nutritional salt produced by the Sino US joint venture Beijing Keda Health Products Co., Ltd

Xikang salt is a famous expert of the Chinese Academy of preventive medicine. After more than ten years of research, the moving beam automatically stops The new generation of edible salt invented by the Institute has obtained Chinese and international patent certificates and is protected by patents in 78 countries in China and the world

there should be more than 6 points measured around the experimental machine during Xikang detection. Salt is a kind of compound table salt, which contains an appropriate amount of potassium, selenium, iodine and other elements, and has a variety of disease prevention effects. It is suitable for young and old, and can be widely and long-term consumed. It can be bought in major supermarkets in Beijing

Xikang salt 1 North and 1 South was allowed to enter the U.S. market after being packaged in paper cans approved by the U.S. (China Packaging News)

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