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Plastic packaging box health crisis is about to break out

be careful, oil! Oil! It should not be used for stretching, tightening, twists and turns of metal, non-metal and other materials. This is not the slogan of oil restriction called by the government, nor is it the grapevine news of oil price rise. It was just a reminder from a person who had just finished eating in a restaurant to another companion who was carrying a lunch box. Following the sound, I found that the color of the plastic bag containing the lunch box had changed, the red soup had seeped out of the box, and the plastic bag had also been dyed from white to yellow red

the oil leakage in the lunch box is really disgusting. Looking at the boy wearing light colored pants who is carrying the lunch box, he is really worried about being accidentally pressed by the oil. Fortunately, his companion reminded him in time, and the danger was relieved. But has the crisis really been lifted? Will there be a potential crisis? When visiting the disposable catering market in person, I met an alert stall owner, who lied that there was only the last box of cheap lunch boxes left. According to dongjinshi, a distinguished expert of the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center and Secretary General of the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization, the crisis has just begun

At the beginning of September, due to too many complaints about the quality of plastic lunch boxes, relevant departments have begun to carry out sampling surveys and scientific research on the inferior lunch box market. With the help of Dong Jinshi and the staff of Beijing keyvia environmental protection technology consulting center, the edible plastic packaging boxes sold in a farmers' market in Beijing were sampled in the afternoon of September 10. In the seasoning Hall of Dayang Road market, the sampling group found a lunch box marked hl-102. According to the stall owner, this is the cheapest kind of lunch box on the stall, with a single price of about 8 cents. The sampling group bought one (95) at a price of 9 yuan, with a humidity of 20% - 80%. Sampling and photographing went well, but when the staff asked for a receipt or invoice, the stall owner seemed to be alert. He first went to the staff who carried the lunch box, took it back, and said: this has been asked for, and I won't sell it. Seeing something bad, he took the lunch box back to his hand, but unexpectedly, the stall owner immediately grabbed the lunch box back, and then forced the money to buy the lunch box back to the staff. After several twists and turns, the sample was finally taken. But the stall owner was still very worried about this, and kept saying: This is the last box, the last box, and it is no longer sold. Later, the sampling group came to the kitchen utensils hall and found two kinds of samples without effort. As one of the models is PP-1 degradable lunch box, it is not for retail sale. In desperation, the sampling group only got one kind of lunch box marked with the words "Vuitton 18" for 8 yuan and 90 pieces. During the sampling process, it was found that some stall owners did not secretly sell cheap lunch boxes, but were all sold on the stall bed. After taking, the sampling group went to the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center to test the two samples for n-hexane and acetic acid. On September 14, the test result report showed that both n-hexane and acetic acid exceeded the standard. This result can explain that those lunch boxes from the low-cost market are unqualified

the spot check results show that there are hidden dangers in the packaging of various hot pot seasonings. In Dong Jinshi's words: unqualified products are expected, that is, to see how much they exceed the standard. The cost of qualified lunch boxes produced by regular manufacturers is at least 20 cents. It is difficult to guarantee the quality below this price, and the products tested can be said to be the cheapest in the market. If they pass the test, it is strange. It is understood by many that this kind of cheap lunch box is used in a large amount in the market. The lunch boxes used in some small restaurants, Malatang, Liangpi and Liangmian stalls are either foam lunch boxes or soft plastic lunch boxes. Fake and shoddy lunch boxes such as hl-102 have been found on the cold skin and cold noodles stalls rented outside the West store of Huatang supermarket. At present, the most worrying thing is that even if consumers want to pack after eating, few people pay attention to the origin of the lunch box. Similarly, in supermarket shopping, although at last, industry insiders said that careful consumers would pay attention to relevant information such as product manufacturers and production dates, they would not really understand whether food packaging itself has potential safety hazards. The current situation is that people often only believe in supermarkets rather than farmers' markets for shopping ideas, but for product packaging, there must be no problem in supermarkets? Food packaging is almost completely ignored by consumers

Dong Jinshi told them that they had conducted spot checks on some food packages in supermarkets from June to August this year. The survey results showed that in the spot check of Carrefour Zhongguancun store, Wal Mart Dazhongsi store and other supermarkets, it was found that the packaging boxes of Fuhua brand Feiniu hot pot seasoning box, axiangpo hot pot seasoning and Kawasaki brand hot pot seasoning, as well as the outer packaging boxes of Baiyu tofu and Changnian brand duck blood tofu Feng appeared soft texture, impurities, excessive calcium carbonate addition, bright colors and other problems to varying degrees

poor quality food packaging can cause cancer and become toxic when heated. Through years of research, dongjinshi, a manufacturer, has a thorough understanding of the safety issues behind plastic packaging. He said: in order to reduce costs, some businesses not only add industrial paraffin, talc powder, calcium carbonate and other harmful substances, but also use industrial grade raw materials to replace food grade raw materials. Some even use waste plastics, and the sources of these waste plastics are more complex, and some even come from medical waste or pesticide bottles. Some businesses, in order to cover up the impurities in raw materials, will add some dark dyes until the samples are separated. This undoubtedly has hidden dangers for people's health

in Dong Jinshi's view, poor quality lunch boxes with steaming meals are a miniature toxin manufacturing plant. When some poor quality packaging boxes encounter acid and water, heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in the packaging boxes are easy to dissolve, and these harmful substances are also easy to dissolve in food. If ingested for a long time, it will not only lead to indigestion, but also lead to gallstones and liver system diseases, and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in industrial paraffin wax for food packaging may even cause cancer. Test results: harmful substances exceed the standard by 20 times. On September 14, the test results showed that the content of n-ethane in the snack box marked with lh-102 was 8670mg/l, and the content of acetic acid was 710mg/L; The content of n-hexane marked with Witten 18 fast food box is 5680mg/l, and the content of acetic acid is 1770mg/L. Yang Lin, director of the general affairs department of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of plastic products, told that the normal standard should be equal to or less than 30mg/l, and some indicators of the test results of these two samples have exceeded more than 20 times, and some even hundreds of times, which are seriously exceeding the standard and are unqualified products

● relevant regulations

it is impossible to prevent packaging products that harm people so much. When will people be able to stay away from these garbage packaging? Dongjinshi revealed that the AQSIQ has made a decision that enterprises that have not obtained the production license for food plastic packaging containers and tools listed in the first batch of catalogue shall not produce the product since January 1, 2008; Sales units shall not sell products without production licenses. And the QS mark must be clearly indicated on the disposable food packaging container

● relevant entries QS mark

qs mark is the ID card of plastic food packaging containers, with 12 digit number. The first two digits are the provincial number, the middle five digits are the enterprise number, and the last five digits are the product number

● expert tips

how to identify poor quality lunch boxes: smell it to see whether these food packages or lunch boxes will have a pungent taste; Second, when touching the food package, check whether it is smooth. If it is rough and feels astringent, it proves that there are some solid residues; Three pinches, gently pinch the packaging box or lunch box with your fingers to see if there is any mark. If there is any mark, it proves that there is paraffin; Fourth, lift the packaging box to the sun to see if there are obvious irregular small black spots. If there are, it proves that there are some impurities in it; Five tear, the general plastic packaging is difficult to tear, while the packaging with paraffin will be soft and easy to tear

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