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Research on the application of green manufacturing in bearing manufacturing

Abstract This paper analyzes the significance of green manufacturing and its impact on the sustainable development of China's bearing industry, discusses how to implement green manufacturing in the bearing manufacturing industry, and discusses the strategic system of green manufacturing in China's bearing manufacturing industry and the key technologies of bearing hard cutting, in order to provide reference for the implementation of green manufacturing in China's bearing industry

key words: bearing manufacturing green manufacturing

I. bearing manufacturing in the era of green manufacturing

since the 1990s, China's bearing industry has gradually adjusted its development strategy on the basis of improving quality, optimizing structure and enhancing benefits, so that the unreasonable situation of production structure and regional layout has been improved, the technical level has been continuously improved, and a systematic and relatively complete production and technical system has been formed, It has become the fourth largest bearing production country in the world after Japan, the United States and Germany. However, there is little research on green manufacturing technology in the bearing manufacturing industry. There are few varieties of bearings with high technical difficulty and high added value, and the product quality is low. Although there are many enterprises, the production capacity is low; In terms of bearing design and manufacturing theory, there is still a considerable gap compared with western developed countries. Moreover, the consumption of resources and raw materials is large, the production noise is also high, and the emission of cutting fluid, coolant, exhaust gas and waste liquid also causes serious environmental pollution, thus affecting the sustainable development of China's bearing industry. In view of this, bearing green manufacturing can provide a guarantee for the sustainable development of bearing industry

II. Basic characteristics of green manufacturing in China's bearing industry

1. Main contents of green manufacturing in bearing industry 1) manufacturing field of bearing industry. Including the whole process of product life cycle; 2) Environmental field of bearing industry; 3) Resource field of bearing industry. Green manufacturing of bearing industry is the intersection and integration of these three fields

2. the green manufacturing of bearing industry should mainly consider the "five green" issues, that is, the green design of bearings, the narrow distinction between the green electronic universal testing machine and the hydraulic universal testing machine are as follows: manufacturing, green packaging of bearings, green transportation of bearings, green use of bearings, and green maintenance of bearings

3. Comprehensive benefits of green manufacturing in bearing industry first, implement green manufacturing in bearing industry to maximize resource utilization and directly reduce bearing costs; Reducing or eliminating environmental pollution, comprehensively improving or optimizing the working environment of employees in bearing enterprises, improving work safety and reducing unnecessary expenses will help to improve employees' subjective initiative and work efficiency

secondly, the green manufacturing of the bearing industry will enable the bearing enterprises to have a better social image and add intangible assets to the enterprises. Therefore, China's bearing industry should not passively abide by the regulations made by the government or social morality when dealing with green manufacturing, but should regard green manufacturing as a strategic business decision, that is, the implementation of green manufacturing is an opportunity for bearing enterprises. According to the actual situation, the benefits and costs of green manufacturing of bearings are compared and analyzed, so as to determine the economic benefits of green manufacturing of bearings

to sum up, the benefits of green manufacturing in the bearing industry are the integration of social and economic benefits

4. information integration in the green manufacturing system of bearing industry in addition to all the information and integration of the general manufacturing system, the green manufacturing system also emphasizes the integrated processing of resource consumption information and environmental impact information, and organically combines the information flow, material flow and energy flow of the manufacturing system, and systematically integrates and optimizes them

5. process integration of green manufacturing in bearing industry green manufacturing of bearing covers every process of bearing product life cycle, and is the integration of product multi life cycle based on database and its data exchange standard

6. the integrated functional objective system of green manufacturing in bearing industry the functional objective model of green manufacturing in bearing is referred to as TQCSE model for short, where T represents time, Q represents quality, C represents cost, s represents service, and e represents environment. E refers to the adoption of green manufacturing technology, which can eliminate negative environmental impacts to the greatest extent and improve environmental benefits

7. Socialized integration characteristics of green manufacturing in the bearing industry. Bearing enterprises must consider the recycling and treatment of bearing products after the end of their service life in order to implement green manufacturing, which may form a new set among bearing enterprises, bearing products and bearing users, with more than 1million pieces per year, which will eliminate the gas in the oil pipe

III. strategic system and key technologies of green manufacturing in bearing industry

1. strategic system of green manufacturing in bearing industry

it includes bearing green management information system, bearing green design system, bearing green manufacturing process system, bearing green quality assurance system, bearing green material and energy resource system Bearing green environmental impact assessment system and other six green functional subsystems brominated flame retardants often use brominated triazine and brominated polystyrene systems, computer communication network system and database/knowledge base system, as well as external links. For the sake of differentiation, the generalized Green Manufacturing of bearings is called green manufacturing for short; Narrow green manufacturing of bearings is called green production for short. In the whole life process of bearing products, it is obvious that green design, green production and green recycling of bearing products are of great importance, which has become the main technology of bearing industry

bearing green design is to optimize all relevant design factors while considering the function, quality, development cycle and cost of the product, so as to minimize the overall impact of the product and its manufacturing process on the environment. Green design is also called designforenvironment (DFE)

green production of bearings is the embodiment of the idea of sustainable development in the manufacturing field. It is mainly manifested in cleaner production, and its ideal process is one-time net forming from parts to products based on nano manufacturing technology. In the process of manufacturing materials and products, we should not only adopt environmental friendly and energy-saving material processing, parts manufacturing and assembly processes, but also consider the impact of the working environment of the production department on people's physiology and psychology. This not only meets the requirements of laws and regulations (the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases was implemented on May 1st, 2002), but also reflects human morality and ethics

green recycling of bearings requires bearing manufacturers to closely contact the waste disposal department

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