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Research on the application of high-power vacuum pump to realize multi chamber vacuum pumping

as the power construction unit will consider purchasing high-power, large volume flow vacuum equipment when purchasing vacuum pump, so as to carry out the vacuum pumping treatment of large volume atmospheric chamber (such as 500 kV and above oil immersed transformer, reactance). However, for the relatively small volume of gas chamber such as GIS, the high-power vacuum pump seems to be a little big. Article with! Taking the high impedance project of the expansion line of 500 kV Yidu converter station as an example, the vacuum pump used by most installation units is equipped with a one transformer three conversion joint, which realizes that the high-power vacuum pump can vacuumize multiple chambers at the same time or in time

1 overview

in the process of substation construction, as a construction unit, we must prepare a large number of sufficient construction machines and tools for the project. How to reduce construction costs, save energy and increase efficiency is a problem that every construction unit needs to think about. With the continuous expansion of power scale, a large number of ultra-high voltage substation construction has been increased. Due to the pressure of environment and land occupation, the selection of main equipment of EHV 500 kV Substation in China is very important. At present, GIS/hg is has been widely used in 500 kV EHV switches in China. GIS/hg is has the characteristics of small land occupation, high operation reliability, strong pollution resistance and seismic resistance. When installing GIS/hg is switchgear and vacuumizing it, a vacuum pump is required. However, due to the large number of gas chambers in GIS/hgis, if the number of vacuum pumps on the construction site is not large, the construction progress will be seriously affected. To! Taking the high resistance project of the expansion line of 500 kV Yidu converter station as an example, according to the owner's milestone plan, the installation of 300 mg is tube bus must be completed within 15 days, and the 300 mg is tube bus contains 15 air chambers. According to the on-site construction situation, every 6 air chambers is an installation cycle, so in order to meet the requirements of the construction schedule, six vacuum pumps (volume flow greater than 70 m3/h) must be prepared to provide services. In an expansion project, it is difficult for the construction unit to prepare so many empty pumps with temperature control meters turned on

2 feasibility of installing adapter

2 1. The vacuum pump that can be provided on the construction site has a vacuum pump power of 7500 W and a volume flow of 250m3/h

2. 2. Modification method

the diameter of the vacuum pump's standard vacuum nozzle is 50. After adding a one to three adapter, the diameter of the branch pipe's nozzle is 25. The modification diagram taking the vacuum pump as an example is shown in Figure 1

2. 3 theoretical calculation after refitting

the volume flow of the vacuum pump is 250 m3/h, and the volume flow of the branch pipe is 83 after passing through the one to three conversion joint 3 m3/h。 It can meet the requirements of GIS single air chamber on the pump volume flow of vacuum Jinan experimental machine, which is now the base of global production experimental machine (more than 70m3/h)

2. 4. Practical effect after modification

the three largest air chambers (V 7.5m3) of GIS tube with flame retardant limiting oxygen index> 32 bus were vacuumized at the same time. After 2 hours, the vacuum degree of the three air chambers reached 40Pa, which met the requirements of the manufacturer

2. 5. Economic benefits after refitting

because most construction units purchase high-power vacuum pumps (volume flow is greater than 250m3/h), after this refitting, they can not only no longer purchase low-power vacuum pumps, save construction costs, but also enhance the flexibility of using high-power vacuum pumps. High power vacuum pumps are no longer only used for oil filled electrical equipment such as large transformers and high impedance, but also for relatively small electrical equipment such as GIS/hgis. Through the ball valve on the branch pipe, the vacuum pump can be controlled to vacuum single or multiple air chambers at the same time or in time

3 conclusion

by adding adapters to the high-power vacuum pump, the vacuum pumping treatment of multiple air chambers at the same time is realized, so that the high-power vacuum pump can be used in a wider range and in a more flexible way, improve the utilization rate of machinery, reduce the project investment, and speed up the construction progress of the project. This Mauser packaging solutions company developed and launched the first medical waste container concept product made of 100% recycled post consumer packaging waste, which can provide some reference in the vacuum treatment of electrical equipment installation in the future. (end)

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