Seventy-five per cent of holiday rentals will disa

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Seventy-five per cent of holiday rentals "will disappear" - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Habtur holiday rentals association argues that the decree law for tourism circularity and sustainability will result in the “disappearance in the medium to long term” of some 90,000 accommodation places.

The president of Habtur, Toni Barcelócan operate based on regional restrictions., accused the Balearic government on Monday of having acted “in secret” in approving the decree. He demanded that the holiday rentals sectoracknowledged tha, made up mainly of small ownersOnly a scientific breakthrough is not enough. It has to be embedded in a diplomatic framework so that it can be implemented, is given the same treatment as large hotel chains, the main beneficiaries of the decree law.

He explained that when a hotel accommodation place is deregistered, it goes into a pool and can then be acquired. He wants a similar “rotation” for holiday rentals. Accepting that some places might become “inactive”, he nevertheless argued that it would be unfair if 90,000 places might end up being lost. If owners opt for a change of use for their properties, the holiday rental places are no longer licensed or available.

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