The long and painful cleanup- The business owners

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The long and painful cleanup: The business owners left devastated by Sydney's floods - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Business owners along New South Wales’ Hawkesbury River are in survival mode, clearing out their flooded workshops and repairing damage to buildings. Many stare into empty waterlogged fieldsThe Atlantic Provinces, calculating the cost of years of hard work washed away954,017 resolved.

Nationally, the?Insurance?Council of Australia has received more than 17,000?flood-related?claims?valued at more than $250 million since the floods hit last month. The final bill could exceed $1 billionThe U.S. in December there were early signs tha.

For those who’ve lost everything on the flood plains around Windsor, north-west of Sydney, there is only sadness and fear as they shovel away the mud.

Ashton’s farm lost $90,000 of crops and equipment

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